Screen capture of Air Handler Graphic using *.BMP image file and real time data from N30 serial port

This product of SWFTEC is a Web-Browser-like Graphic User Interface. The program reads HTML files and also supports special script language functions and RS232 port communications. GIS scripting "SWFSCRIPT" provides for communications with any controller supporting an RS232 user interface. It supports general ASCII I/O, TTY and VT100 emulation modes. GIS scripting supports building Web pages on the fly from the data collected from the port. Graphics can have updating values, changing symbols, active clickable controls and page links and data graph plotting. The user interface can consist of auto-built pages and pre-built pages. Users can add their own information and help pages using standard HTML and *.txt files. Scripts can launch other programs from on-graphic clicks or any programmed trigger. Advanced Users can create powerful interfaces using the scripting and graphic capabilites. The interface is easy to learn because its just like a Web-Browser. The system can be used to access controllers from different vendors giving a consistent interface appearance. Pages generated by the program can be accessed over a network and read with a standard Web-Browser. This provides for low cost multi-station access. The product has been used as the Graphic User Interface for HVAC control with Johnson Controls Companion/Facilitator panels and N30 panels and Trane Tracer panels but can be used for a wide variety of applications. The product can also be used for running models created with our Graphic Program Generator, demonstrations and presentations using the scripting and graphics functions. Current price of the SWFTEC Graphic Interface System is $100.00 USD including a graph plotting utility.

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